How the USA Colonized the USA
Johnny Harris Johnny Harris
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 Published On Apr 12, 2023

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A big thanks to John Truden from the University of Oklahoma for sharing your expertise on this history.

Thank you to Professor Gregory Ablavsky. You can read his book “Federal Ground: Governing Property and Violence in the First U.S. Territories” here -

The Oklahoma Historical Society was a great resource while researching this video -

Thank you to those at the Chikasha Academy Adult Immersion Program, and the Seminole Nation Immersion School for helping us with some translations.

We sampled some archival Native American songs in our original music, many are recorded in the Library of Congress. Check out some of those here:
Song about the departure of Seminole Indians from Florida for Oklahoma -
“Tlingit Paddling Song” -
“Fox Song” sung by members of the Seminole Reservation -

During our Trail of Tears sequence we showed a few art pieces created by the Native artists. Some of those artists include Jackson Narcomey, John Guthrie, Blackbear Bosin, and Jerome Tiger.

Check out the Native-Lands interactive map site to see Native land borders where you live -

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