I Troll BadBoyHalo with the Evil Pet Mod
Skeppy Skeppy
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 Published On Jul 27, 2022

I Troll BadBoyHalo with The Evil Pet Mod...

what's up guys today I troll badboyhalo in minecraft with the evil pet mod. it was very fun.
so i had this funny idea to get a plugin created where I can basically control badboyhalo's dog in various ways. soo i did, told bbh to get on my server & record... and well just watch the video lmao xD

50,000 Likes and I will Troll BadBoyHalo again... somehow...
I apologize for barely uploading recently.. I did try to troll BadBoyHalo a little bit ago but it didn't work so instead we have this.

the legend himself - Fumaz coded this for me so go check him out :D

also I need more instagram followers so follow me - @Skeppy

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