I Made A Difficult Game About Climbing
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 Published On Mar 6, 2024

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📋 Chapters
Intro: 00:00
Getting Started: 00:38
Figuring Out The Gameplay: 02:45
Creating Water: 05:21
Creating The Character: 06:28
Switching From Godot To Unity: 08:09
Creating A Level: 08:54
Finishing The Game: 11:38

I spent a year creating a difficult climbing game inspired by the rage game Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. I am a big fan of Bennett's work! Ever since Getting Over It came out I was sure countless similar games would pop up, but I was disappointed to see this not materialize fully so I took it upon myself to create this game, hoping to contribute to a "Foddian Type" game genre.

It's hard to condense a year's work into 15 minutes, there are obviously a million things I could have mentioned. I included the parts I found most interesting and I tried to focus mainly on the design rather than the super technical bits. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or join the Discord if you have any specific questions about the game :)

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