Oh No! Barbie Is a Monster! 🎃 *Halloween Makeover For Cute Doll*
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 Published On Oct 25, 2023

Barbie came to the Halloween party🤩! But she was kicked out of there because she was an ordinary pink doll👹. Well, now we'll fix it! How to turn into a Barbie monster? How to make a scary viral Halloween makeup? 💄 Watch the scariest transformation of the year😜

0:00 Barbie at The Halloween Party
0:29 Paper Towel
1:01 Cotton Swab
1:10 Doll Hand
1:25 Spiral Hair Tie/ Piercing
1:50 Plush Toy
2:15 Glue Gun
2:37 Nail Decor/ Cocktail Straw
3:02 Tights
3:20 Pepper
3:43 Curtain
4:36 Skeleton Ribs
5:03 Black Wings/ Hanger
5:33 Creepy Shoes/ PlayDoh
6:04 Face Painting
6:39 Brain in the Bank/ Cauiliflower
7:03 Leaves on Tights
8:21 Modeling Clay

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