Dua for protection from Satan Jinn, Shayatin, Demon, and all types of evil with Ayatul Kursi
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 Published On May 03, 2015

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Dua for protection from Satan Jinn, Shayatin, Demon, and all types of evil with Ayatul Kursi
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Recite Ayatul Kursi to be protected from Demon, Satan Jinn, Shayatin, Ghost, evil spirit, spells, black magic, sihr magic, Ifrit, and all kinds of evil.

Quran -Surah (2) Al Baqarah [the cow], verse #255.


It has been reported from Ibne Qutaiba RA that a certain trader
went to do some buying and selling of dates. When he reached
Basarah, he began to look for a decent accommodation but could
not. After much seeking, he came across a vacant house where
there were spider's webs all around. He inquired the people that
why the house was empty. He was informed that the house was
haunted by a Jinn. When he went to the owner of the house, he
warned him saying, "Why do you want to jeopardize your life. A
powerful Jinn has been living there for a long time and whosoever
stayed in that house did not return alive." The trader insisted saying
"Allah is my helper. Let me have the house, please." However,
the owner had not choice but to accede to his plea. Hence, the
story is being related by the trader, he says:

"I stayed in the house. Late in the night, I found my eyes
suddenly open and saw a dark human form approaching me. Its
eyes bloodshot as if bright flames were leaping from them. At
once, I began to recite Aayatul-Kursi. The Jinn also began to recite
the same verses which I recited (in an attempt to counter attack)
until I recited "[last part] wa la ya-u duhu hif duhuma wa-hu al aliyyul adhim", he could
not utter this last sentence and I continued uttering the same
repeatedly untill I saw the form disappearing. It seemed that if no
trace of it ever existed. I spent the rest of the night in total comfort
and ease. In the morning, I minutely scrutinised the place where
the Jinn was seen but I did not find anything except a small heap. [That
jinn got killed.] Hadith .....

Ayat ul Kursi:
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2) Recite Entering Home, Poverty Wont Enter your Home
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3) Recite After Wuzu, It Raises your Status 70 Times
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4) Recite While Sleeping, 1 Angel Will Protect you Whole Night.

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