Someone Had to Explain the Go Scene In Knives Out
Lord Ravenscraft Lord Ravenscraft
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 Published On Dec 23, 2022


there is only 20 seconds of this game what am i even doing

New York Institute of Go:

For more seasoned Go players who want to dive into all the stuff I glossed over or straight up got wrong here, dwyrin has a pretty entertaining breakdown:

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Quick Links:

0:00 -- Intro
3:49 -- Part I: The Rules
8:06 -- Part II: The Setup
11:25 -- Part III: The Game

18:06 -- There are two more white stones on B8 and C8 that I missed. This doesn't materially impact the end of the game.
19:29 -- There are two liberties, not three. B8 is diagonal and not a liberty.

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