The History of Nuzlockes
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 Published On Feb 25, 2023

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Nuzlocking is a pillar Pokemon community, but how did it begin? Where did it evolve? I'm here to break down the complete history of the Nuzlocke.

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Intro: 0:00
Before Nuzlockes: 1:57
The first Nuzlocke: 2:50
The early years: 5:38
The first recorded Nuzlockes: 7:35
Early Romhacks: 10:24
Nuzlocke Variants: 11:20
The birth of the Hardcore Nuzlocke: 14:27
Blue and Crystal Kaizo: 15:45
The Jaiden Video: 17:27
Jaidens impact: 21:07
Emerald Kaizo: 22:33
Hardcore Plus and an evolving Meta: 32:12
The Ludlocke: 34:31
Return to Dark Rising: 40:18
Radical Red: 41:25
The future: 42:43

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