DBZA | The Buu Bits FULL COMPILATION (W/ Deleted/Alternate Scenes)
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 Published On Sep 17, 2023

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Disclaimer: These were made for a video from Totally Not Mark! Check out his reviews here:
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJizHx9G3uQ
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju2W0Snbm8Y

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Lawrence ‘MasakoX’ Simpson as Goku / Vegetto (Goku)
Ryan Palmer as Gohan / Teen Goten
Katy Johnson as Videl / Marron / Satan Fan #2
Nick ‘Lanipator’ Landis as Vegeta / Piccolo / Krillin / Babidi / Mr. Popo /
Roshi / Vegetto (Vegeta)
Megami33 as Bulma / Kid Trunks / Gotenks (Trunks) / Pan
Simon Robertson as Fat/Kid Buu / Uub
Scott ‘KaiserNeko’ as Super Buu / Sharpner / Teen Trunks /
King Kai / Tournament Announcer
Kimlinh Tran as Chi-Chi / Kid Goten / Gotenks (Goten)
Antfish as Mr. Satan
Tom Schalk as Shin / Old Kai / Guy Taking Energy Back
Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott as Dende / Nappa
Gianni Matragrano as Kibito
Justice Washington as Dabura
Elsie Lovelock as Erasa
Amber Lee Connors as Android 18
Mark Fitzpatrick as TV ReporterCast
Wes Wiggins as DoorDash Driver / Satan Fan #1
William Grant Smith as ‘F**k This Guy’ Guy

And Martin Billany as The Narrator

Scott Frerichs
Nick Landis
Curtis Arnott

Scottt Frerichs

Voice Director(s)
Scott Frerichs
Nick Landis

Color Correction
@AnimeAjay (https://twitter.com/AnimeAjay)
@bwansson (https://twitter.com/bwansson)

Additional Art
Stephan Krosecz (https://twitter.com/Krosecz)
IamTheTrev (https://twitter.com/IamTheTrev)

Cliff ‘AinTunez’ Keller

0:00 15 Years of TFS
1:29 First Day of School
2:18 Talk Of The Town
3:11 Long Distance Call
4:10 Backstory Buddies
4:59 What's Her Name Again
5:32 Why Didn't You Dodge
6:03 Turtle Turtle Wave
7:10 This Is Her Fight
7:42 Mortified
8:13 Dail M For Vegeta
9:45 The Good, The Bad, And The Godly
10:36 Bad Man Returns
11:44 Keep Your Eyes On The Buu
12:48 A Win Is A Win
13:22 And That's How The Demon King Crumbles
14:00 His Name Was Vegeta (A.K.A. The One You've All Been Waiting For)
16:13 He Is A Jealous God
17:03 Rule of Threes
18:43 He's From a Different Time
19:22 Purple Hair and Pronouns
20:43 Best Buudies
21:47 Who Ya Gonna Call?
22:39 Adulting
23:12 Left Buuhind
23:50 At Least It's Not Vegerot
24:34 Just Kidding
25:25 It Works In The Movies
26:09 The World Champ
27:40 A Super Reunion
28:25 All Uub'd Up And Ready To Go
29:17 Deleted Scenes

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