Dr. Andrew Huberman — The Foundations of Physical and Mental Performance
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 Published On Mar 9, 2023

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Andrew Huberman, PhD (@hubermanlab), is a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. He has made numerous important contributions to the fields of brain development, brain function, and neural plasticity. Work from the Huberman Laboratory at Stanford Medicine has been consistently published in top journals including Nature, Science, and Cell.

Andrew is the host of the podcast Huberman Lab, which is often ranked as one of the top five podcasts in the world by both Apple and Spotify. The show aims to help viewers and listeners improve their health with science and science-based tools. New episodes air every Monday on YouTube and all podcast platforms.

Please enjoy!

[00:00] Intro
[01:39] Inspirations and principles.
[04:13] Sleep, nutrients, exercise, light, and relationships.
[16:12] Making movement matter.
[24:42] Striving to “be like a mule” on Sunday.
[26:43] The neurological processes of cultivating the physique.
[30:31] Monday.
[45:06] An aside about cheat day.
[46:17] Tuesday.
[48:48] Wednesday.
[50:39] A strong neck is more than just an appealing aesthetic.
[57:13] Thursday.
[57:28] Friday.
[58:36] Saturday.
[59:29] A recap of how the days synergize with one another.
[1:05:14] Nordic curls for boys and girls.
[1:08:08] Minimizing shin splints.
[1:10:55] You say soleus pushup, I say seated calf raise.
[1:13:56] Flat feet, Tabata, and self-coaching.
[1:15:41] The holy trinity of Andrew’s sleep stack + one.
[1:20:36] How the first half of your day should differ from the last half.
[1:22:46] Dutch bicycles or bust.
[1:24:21] Omega-3 supplement nausea.
[1:26:24] EPA dosage, Carlson’s oil on oatmeal, and sushi.
[1:27:49] Benefits of EPA.
[1:28:14] How EPA (and, in general, food) affects mood.
[1:33:21] Are you eating enough nattō and Bulgarian yogurt?
[1:35:47] Rhodiola rosea.
[1:40:57] Tongkat ali and Fadogia agrestis.
[1:42:50] Yes, men depend on estrogen too.
[1:44:43] Fine-tuning fertility (and, by proxy, vitality).
[1:53:13] Benefits of afternoon de-light.
[1:55:03] The highs and lows of self-pleasure in the modern era.
[1:58:40] Optimizing the health of one’s reproductive material.
[2:03:31] Is your smartphone sterilizing you?
[2:09:21] Lessons learned from IVF.
[2:16:05] The consequences of having more than two drinks a week.
[2:17:24] Cocaine? Just say no.
[2:19:01] Concerns about cannabis.
[2:28:35] Changing thoughts on psychedelics.
[2:35:26] Raising research funds with Huberman Lab premium.
[2:39:05] Andrew’s clinical psychedelic experiences.
[2:47:48] A reminder not to trust street drugs, kids.
[2:48:56] The exciting, seemingly endless applications of psychedelic research.
[2:55:35] Parting thoughts.

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