FuhNaff Proves Me WRONG About Security Breach! | Matpat Reacts To “I Solved FNAF Security Breach”
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 Published On Dec 16, 2022

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Friends, today I’m rejoined on the couch by @FuhNaff and @DapperMrTom to finish the group reaction and talk back to Fuhnaff’s “I Solved FNAF Security Breach” theory. There were some VERY bold claims made that I think actually make a lot of sense. Come along as we finish dissecting the theory and hear from Fuhnaff himself about his thoughts on Security Breach, The Ruin DLC, and FNAF in general.

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0:00 - The Angled Banter
6:00 - one year later and we're still confused
48:05 - The Witty Wrap Up

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