Untold Stories About Iverson, Kobe & Phil, Shaq's Pranks, Wild "We Believe" Warriors Nights & More
Podcast P with Paul George Podcast P with Paul George
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 Published On Premiered Apr 5, 2024

In another edition of STORY MODE, Matt Barnes, a 15-year NBA veteran and champion, shares untold stories of UCLA superstar summer runs, playing with Dennis Rodman & Allen Iverson, and wild late nights with the “We Believe” Warriors. Also, the guys talk about Kobe Bryant's financial generosity, Shaq playing pranks on teammates while on the Suns, and the Warriors' 2017 championship run. #paulgeorge #nba #ucla #kobebryant #shaquilleoneal #alleniverson

0:00 Intro
7:04 Legendary UCLA Open Runs in the Early 2000s
17:25 Playing With Dennis Rodman in the ABA
21:00 First NBA Season With Los Angeles Clippers
29:24 The Allen Iverson Rockstar Experience In Philly
34:14 “We Believe” Warriors Brotherhood
39:53 PG on Being Young Players G.O.A.T.
43:22 “We Believe” Warriors Playoff Run in 2007
50:47 Kevin Garnett Almost Signed With The Warriors?
54:18 Dwight Howard’s Greatness
56:05 Shaq As A Teammate & Pranking Suns Teammates
59:24 Why Has The NBA Got Soft?
1:04:14 Most Gifted Player He’s Ever Played With
1:06:41 Kobe Bryant No Flitch Breakdown
1:18:48 Kobe Pays Paul George’s Night Out Bill
1:23:45 Blake Griffin’s Greatness
1:27:00 Joining The Warriors During 2017 Championship Run
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