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 Published On Jun 25, 2024

In this video, you will see loading screen evolution in Brawl Stars from Beta 2017 to Brawl Pass #paintbrawl season 29!

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2017: Beta
2018: Landscape, Global Release, Default
2019: Default, Pirate Brawlidays
2020: Pirate Brawlidays, Brawlcade, Footbrawl, Tara's Bazaar (Season 1), Summer of Monsters (Season 2), Starr Park (Season 3), Holiday Getaway (Season 4), Brawlidays
2021: Brawlidays, Starr Force (Season 5), The Gold Arm Gang (Season 6), Jurassic Splash (Season 7), Once Upon A Brawl (Season 8), Brawl-o-ween, Brawlywood (Season 9), Brawlidays
2022: Year of the Tiger (Season 10), Biodome (Season 11), Stunt Show (Season 12), Deep Sea Brawl (Season 13), Robot Factory (Season 14), Brawl-o-ween, Ghost Station (Season 15), Dark Brawlidays
2023: Candyland (Season 16), Mystery At The Hub (Season 17), The Rescue / #rumblejungle (Season 18), Legends of Olympus, #enchantedwoods (Season 19), Cursed Pirates, #rangerranch (Season 20), Brawl Academy, #bizarrecircus (Season 21), The Warrior's Journey, World Finals, Retropolis, Brawlidays
2024: #StarrToon Studios (Season 22), #yearofthedragon (Season 23), Swamp Of Love, #SandsOfTime (Season 24), Melodie, #babyshark , #ragnarok (Season 25), Mecha, Lily, #Godzilla (Season 26), Draco, #CyberBrawl (Season 27), Berry, Gods Vs Monsters (Season 28), #classicbrawl , Clancy, #PaintBrawl (Season 29), Cursed Pirates
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