A troubling trend in lighting?
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 Published On Mar 4, 2022

Is this a bright idea? Or will it eventually leave you in the dark?

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00:00 Intro
01:56 A brief (hah!) history of electric lighting
04:28 Ballasted light sources
07:59 The freedom of LEDs
08:49 The thing the video is about
09:26 Electrical boxes and wiring
11:10 Why the idea is so appealing
12:02 All the advantages
17:17 And now for the problems
21:22 The idea is spreading - should it?
23:08 Some light bulb longevity advice
25:25 Thermal cam footage of filament-style LED bulb
27:19 I hope you will consider PAR-style lamps if you can
28:36 Smooth jazz and bloopers

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