Parasite Eve Series Retrospective | An Exhaustive History and Review
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 Published On Apr 9, 2023

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Thanks to games like Resident Evil, Dead Space and Signalis, a long forgotten relic of the 90s has come roaring back into relevance. Survival horror is back and bigger than ever – but where is one of it’s flagship franchises?

Today we’ll be exploring Parasite Eve, a series that is as chaotic as it is brilliant, combining Final Fantasy with Silent Hill and Stephen King with Stephen Hawking. It may be an iconic PlayStation franchise – but where it is now and why did it disappear?

It's part critique, part retrospective, part review and part history lesson - obviously full of spoilers and obviously full of my opinions.


All media in this video is used for the purpose of review, commentary or criticism and is defined as fair use under US Copyright law.

Credit for the incredible thumbnail goes to the immensely talented - @MicahTheBrave

Credit also goes to Goodreads user "Brandon" for his hilarious review of Parasite Eve the novel that turned me onto the two baffling quotes shown during that section

=== Chapters ===
00:00:00 – Survival Horror Reborn (Introduction)
00:03:11 – The Root of All Evil (Novel)
00:12:06 – The Root of All Evil (Film)
00:22:19 – Parasite Eve I – Development
00:35:17 – Parasite Eve I – Square’s Survival Horror
00:55:50 – Parasite Eve I – Cinematic Role Playing
01:07:14 – Parasite Eve I – A Matter of Fine Balance
01:18:32 – Parasite Eve I – The Blockbuster Finale
01:33:35 – Parasite Eve I – Post Traumatic Content
01:43:08 – Parasite Eve II – Development
01:52:35 – Parasite Eve II – Evolution
02:06:56 – Parasite Eve II – Progression
02:20:33 – Parasite Eve II – Doppelganger
02:33:49 – Parasite Eve II – Recurrence
02:55:50 – The 3rd Birthday – Development
03:05:57 – The 3rd Birthday – A Circus of Change
03:18:28 – The 3rd Birthday – Twisted and Wrong
03:30:16 – The 3rd Birthday – The End of an Era
03:45:44 – Survival Horror Remade (Conclusion)


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