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 Published On Aug 5, 2021

With a Wrangler 4xe, you won't need to worry about scaring the wildlife on your off-road trails.

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With a plug-in hybrid powertrain, Jeep has found yet another way to innovate with the Wrangler. Still as hardcore and rugged as ever, a new battery pack and electric motor provide the Wrangler 4xe with 22 miles of all-electric driving range (and 470 pound-feet of torque!). It's one of the heaviest Wranglers in history, but does that make it any less capable? Clifford Atiyeh investigates.

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Presenter: Clifford Atiyeh
Cinematography: https://www.VennCreativeMedia.com
Written review: Christian Wardlaw

0:00 Introducing the Wrangler 4xe
1:04 Exterior Styling
1:59 Inside the 4xe
3:02 A soft top in a storm?
3:45 Driving Impressions
8:05 Is it worth the money?
10:25 Infotainment and technology
11:29 Pricing
12:05 Final Thoughts

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