I Survived 50 Hours Lost At Sea
Matthew Beem Matthew Beem
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 Published On Apr 26, 2022

I survived 50 HOURS Lost At Sea! It was a terrible idea...
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Since y'all loved the video where I spent 50 hours trapped inside a moving truck and the video where I spent 50 hours straight trapped inside of Squid Game, I decided to take things to the next level and spend 50 hours straight LOST AT SEA. In reality I hate sharks and am terrified of deep oceans so this made for an interesting time. I didn’t see a single person during the 50 hour challenge and was seasick 95.2% of the time. This was insane and super intense to make, but we had lots of laughs after it was over. I love making these videos and can't wait for you to see what is next.

If you’re reading this you’re a real one!

Comment ‘’I hate sharks!" so I can notice you!

Not Surviving 24 Hours Straight In The Bermuda Triangle, But I Survived 50 Hours in Darkness, But I Survived 50 Hours In Squid Game!, But SPENDING 50 HOURS IN A MOVING TRUCK!, But $100,000, But In The Circle, But Extreme Hide and Seek, But 1,000 times, But Buried Alive, But Last to Leave, But 24 Hours, But 50 Hours, or any other video like MrBeast, Airrack, Preston, Tyler Olivera, Stokes Twins, Ryan Trahan, The Ninja Fam!, YBS Youngbloods, or Carter Sharer would make. This is a video where Matthew Beem (aka MBeem10) survives 50 hours lost at sea and the Beem Team takes his credit card and has the best day of their lives!

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