COMPLETELY FROZEN! Vortec 454 7.4L BBC Big Block Chevrolet Teardown. This Was Some Work!
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 Published On Mar 18, 2023

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My name is Eric and I own and run a full service auto salvage business in the Saint Louis Missouri area called Importapart. Part of our model includes buying blown up and core engines, dismantling them and salvaging the good parts to resell. We do not rebuild engines, merely supply parts to those that do!

Well folks, I almost bit off more than I could chew on this one. Big block chevy cores are pretty few and far between so I jumped at the chance to pick up this one which was "locked up". Well. That was the truest description I've ever heard from a yard that sold me a a core. These are normally incredibly simple engines to work on but the effort required to get the short block apart rivaled some of the most complex engines I've had on the channel.
This is just the second 454 I've had on the channel, and many of you provided some incredibly useful tips in the comments when I got jammed up on the last one. Those tips came in clutch getting this engine apart, and for that I thank you!
There's the proof that not only do I appreciate all of the comments, I learn from them. You all collectively have more years of experience than any one person could, and your comments are incredibly educational... well most of them anyway.
I hope you enjoyed this teardown. As always, I love all of the comments, feedback and even the criticism. Catch you on the next one!


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