Tommy Aldridge - Heavy Metal Beats & Fills (Drumeo Live)
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 Published On Mar 14, 2023

Tommy Aldridge is larger than life - and it's not just because of his insane showmanship or epic hair.

His huge stage presence and punishing drumming have supported Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Pat Travers, Black Oak Arkansas, and more. Rockstars have handpicked Tommy over the years for his groundbreaking, now-classic drum sound.

He was playing double bass runs before it was cool, and he's proudly worn his heavy metal badge before many of us were born.

In this hour-long lesson, you'll get breakdowns on key Whitesnake and Ozzy fills, find out what it was like working with Randy Rhoads ("You couldn't make it heavy enough for Randy"), and watch the Bonham fan perform some of his favorite tunes.



00:00 - Intro
00:21 - "Nowhere To Run" (Performance)
04:22 - Welcome
09:14 - "Over The Mountain" Fill
12:23 - Showmanship
14:28 - Double-Bass Shuffles
18:40 - "Bark At The Moon" Fill
24:14 - "Here I Go Again" (Performance)
29:58 - Playing With Whitesnake
34:42 - Working With Randy Rhoads
38:55 - Tommy's Drum Set-up
54:11 "Enough Of Your Love" (Performance)
58:33 - Outro

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