Why I flew in a fighter jet! Commercial Astronaut training with the Polaris Dawn Crew!
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 Published On Oct 15, 2022

Today we’ll be talking to the crew of Polaris Dawn and we’ll dive into some fun history on fighter jet training, we’ll talk about some of the physics involved, the G suit and nerd out on the jets, because I love learning about all this cool stuff and I assume you do too.

But if you want to just see me get thrashed around in a fighter jet, I do have timestamps for all the sections so you can skip forward if you don’t want to dive into all the nerdy things that I get excited about.

Read about Polaris Program's cause! - https://polarisprogram.com/our-cause/

And here's an article version of this video - https://everydayastronaut.com/astronauts-fighter-jet-training/

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - History of Fighter Jet Training
05:07 - What's the point of Fighter Jet Training with Jared Isaacman
08:16 - The Physics Involved in Fighter Jet Training
09:43 - A Tour of the Jets
13:20 - How an Afterburner Works
15:10 - Talking to Scott "Kidd" Poteet
16:03 - Suitting up
17:15 - Getting in the Jet
18:30 - Take off!
20:00 - Formation Flying
21:45 - High G Maneuvers
24:20 - Reaction
25:40 - Talking to Sarah Gillis and Anna Menon
27:00 - Summary


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