ASMR how to fall asleep in 5 minutes... or less ;)
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 Published On Sep 15, 2023

#asmr to fall asleep to! I hope u enjoy! lots of whispering in turkish, positive affirmations, hand movements, rambling, face touches... :)
next video will be me trying to say hi in lots of different languages! really excited for that one! follow me on IG ( edafoxx ) and send me a message if you wanna submit your native language as well.

0:00 intro
1:44 follow the wooden cube
2:40 reading & tracing positive affirmation cards
6:47 writing some affirmations on your face
8:15 rambling in turkish / giving u compliments
11:50 turkish + pretending to fill the bag with products lol
15:30 moving your hair out of your face
18:50 rambling about lucid dreaming (?)

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