Masterclass: Product Market Fit 10X Faster with Amy Jo Kim
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 Published On Dec 29, 2020

Today I sat down with Amy Jo Kim, creator of @Game Thinking TV and early designer of world-class products including Rock Band, The Sims, Ultima Online, eBay and Netflix. We talk about her journey into tech, game dev, and how founders have a lot to learn from game thinking.

Along the way, we learn a number of secrets on how to get to product-market fit 10x faster.

00:00 Intro
01:06 Meet Amy Jo Kim
01:47 Engineer, then designer, then the product
02:48 Finding her tribe
04:30 Game Thinking: PMF 10X faster
06:22 Core loops driving retention
08:31 Lessons from Ultima Online
11:48 Test with core super fans first
13:38 Pick your users
15:26 Slack's customer journey
19:04 Storyboarding skips you ahead
23:38 The most important story: Your user's
26:51 Overcoming founder ego
30:15 What founders can learn from game design
32:03 Amy Jo Kim's lessons for those starting out
37:20 Learning more about Game Thinking

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