Meagan Good Talks Tyler Perry Pay, Divorce From DeVon Franklin, Jonathan Majors And Katt Williams
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 Published On Premiered Jul 10, 2024

Multi-talented actress Meagan Good joins Shannon Sharpe at Club Shay Shay for a candid and gripping conversation. She opens up about her tumultuous journey growing up and navigating the entertainment industry. Meagan shares an intense story from her time on a Nickelodeon show, detailing how a fight escalated into a dangerous brawl, making her question her actions and seek peace.

Meagan discusses facing racism at school and being unfairly targeted by teachers. She also shares the emotional impact of losing possessions given to her by her father, who had a background in the LAPD.

Reflecting on her acting career, Meagan talked about her early roles in the cult classic "Friday" and working with icons like Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. She also shared valuable advice from Michael Clarke Duncan about treating everyone on set with respect.

Despite numerous challenges and tough choices, Meagan underscores the importance of authenticity and not compromising oneself for success. She highlights her resilience, the lessons she’s learned, and the meaningful relationships she’s built throughout her life and career.

Celebrating 30 years in the business, Meagan expresses gratitude and hope for 30 more years, emphasizing the importance of love and support in her journey. She shares stories about her experiences as a young black actress in a predominantly white industry.

Meagan also recounted facing intense pressures on set, including a difficult experience with a director that almost made her reconsider her acting career. This moment, however, reinforced her determination to succeed.

Throughout the conversation, Meagan’s resilience shines as she speaks about her mother’s wisdom, God’s guidance, and the significance of humility and confidence. She recounts her growth in the industry and her determination to be recognized for her talent.

In this interview Meagan also touches on her experiences with homeschooling due to her acting career, the guidance she received from industry veterans, and her decision to focus on movies over TV shows to explore diverse characters. Despite the adversities, Meagan’s journey is a testament to her strength and the valuable lessons she’s learned along the way.

Join Shannon Sharpe and Meagan Good in this heartfelt and inspiring conversation, celebrating her incredible career and the strength she’s shown in overcoming obstacles and staying true to herself.

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