Beyoncé - Somebody's Getting Fired Megamix (2021) (read pinned comment)
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 Published On Nov 3, 2023

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This mix had copyright claims, that's why it was blocked worldwide. I re-edited with the notes of the claim, still got blocked. I got a lot of questions of where to find the video. It is now available to own on Patreon.

Black Parade video: @jakevisthomason1021    • BLACK PARADE BY BEYONCE | SHORT DANCE...  

I made this mix as a tribute to Beyoncé's career and to show who she is as an artist and why she has this icon status. Other than that it is my hobby to create fluent mixes with songs that were the artists biggest hits, lesser know songs and other memorable career moments (and B has a lot, hence why it is 40 min). I really enjoyd the creative process of making this and comming up with new mash up ideas and fluent transitions. I also enjoy sharing this with the Bey hive so they can watch Yoncé's complete career in one video. Hope I did her justice.

0:00 intro (formation is removed)
0:50 jealousy (end of time removed)
2:20 grown woman (removed)
02:35 black parade
03:53 blow/sweet dreams/ run the world
04:29 my power
05:28 dc medley / video phone
07:10 hold up/apeshit/ego
08:41 diva live medley/everybody mad
11:22 savage/upgrade u
13:48 countdown (removed)/check on it
14:09 yoncé
15:18 suga mama/work it out
16:30 beautiful liar
17:40 ja ara e/bonnie and clyde
18:20 standing on the sun/baby boy
10:37 get me bodied/single ladies
21:16 put it in a love song
22:14 crazy in love (removed)/freakum dress
23:21 mine/naughty girl/partition
25:05 mi gente/fighting temptation
26:09 already
26:55 pretty hurts/sorry/all night
28:50 flawless/711
29:47 feeling myself/drunk in love/bow down
31:27 ghost (muted)
31:45 lemonade poetry (muted)
32:05 if i were a boy/irreplaceable/xo (removed)
33:31 hymn of the weekend
34:33 halo

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