Hermitcraft 10: Mini Minecraft Starter Base - Episode 1
GeminiTay GeminiTay
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 Published On Feb 3, 2024

A new season of hermitcraft! Season 10 episode 1, we are ready to start fresh again with lots of fun ahead. My starter base this season begins as tiny boat build, probably my most unique base idea yet. I am surrounded by lots of other hermits, and am excited to expand!

New Hermits:
Skizz:    / @mcskizzleman  
Joel:    / @uc4qdhn4zhhd4vvny3zngxpa  

Extra Content:    / @geminitwo  

Hermicraft Logo: Dnatorgames

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Recorded with Replaymod https://replaymod.com and OBS
Minecraft version 1.20.4

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