Why Allah Does Not Forgive Five Types Of Person | Firm Your Faith Before Ramadan
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 Published On Apr 1, 2021

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📌Mufti Menk @Mufti Menk mentions why the five types of people, from the Hadith of the half of Shaban (#15ThShaban), won’t get #Allah’s #forgiveness and how to be saved from that.
0:26| for certain people Allah doesn't forgive (Hadith on 15th Shaban)
1:09| 1st type: Mushirk; associating partners with Allah- shirk
2:39|2nd type: who holds grudges, hate, ill-feeling, jealousy for other
3:45| a story of a person from Paradise
5:06| 3rd type: a person lengthens his clothing well below his ankles for pride, arrogance
6:34| Treat people with respect to get Allah’s forgiveness
7:10| 4th type: A person who cuts relationships for no reason or for worldly purposes
7:45| what about obedience to parents in Islam
9:38| what to say if you disagree with your parents
10:14| 5th type: a person who is addicted to intoxicants of any nature including smoking
10:45| best advice to quit any type addiction (drug or smoking)
13:29| how do you know that Allah accept your Ramadan, Hajj or forgive you

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