My Restored Vintage Lever Machine Arrives!
James Hoffmann James Hoffmann
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 Published On Sep 13, 2022

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Officina Maltoni:
The previous episode from February 2022, on Buying A Vintage Lever Machine:
The new book:

0:00 On the previous episode...
0:37 Opening the crate
1:20 A controversial statement
2:06 Drinking Italian espresso in a new way
3:25 Installing the machine
4:08 POV of the barista side
6:19 Wherein I'm awkward about coffee, sorry
7:14 How the giveaway is possible - Squarespace
8:20 The machine
9:16 Come and drink coffee!

The 20 winners of the Il Grifone bags of coffee are:
Lukas, Fabian, and Harald from Germany, Anastasios from Cyprus, Tom from the Netherlands, Akande from Mexico, Zoe, Craig, Richard, Paul, John, and Lizzie from the UK, Spencer, Alexandra, Pete, David, Joel, Dave, and Jacob from the USA, and Lasse from Denmark.
*We have already emailed and heard back from all these winners, so if somebody messages you about this after September 2022, it won't be from me. Please beware of spam messages, I will never ask you to move away from a platform and will never ask you to text me.


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