I Took A 52-Hour Sleeper Train From San Francisco To Chicago
Safiya Nygaard Safiya Nygaard
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 Published On Dec 17, 2023

HELLO FRIENDS!! This week we’re taking a 52-hour Amtrak sleeper train across the country! So, I've fallen over to the "overnight sleeper train" side of youtube - and I am HOOKED, people. And after watching hours and hours of train content, I decided - it was time to try my own hand at it. So we took the California Zephyr train, which travels from San Francisco to Chicago (and also the other direction as well) - across 7 states and over 2,400 miles!! We experienced everything from delays to endless sauce packets to MANY rock sightings. Would you try traveling across the US by train? And where do you think we should we go next? Or better yet, how should we get there?

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0:00 Intro
1:50 All Aboard The California Zephyr!
3:41 Our Room Tour
5:27 A Tour Of The Entire Train!
8:06 Day 1: Sacramento & Lunch
10:56 Nevada & Dinner
12:56 Setting Up Our Room for Sleeping
14:39 Day 2: Mooning (?!) & Colorado
17:07 Conquering The Shower
18:53 The Good, The Bad, & The…Cows?
21:11 The Moffat Tunnel (& The History of the Zephyr)
23:15 Denver & Drinks
25:28 Day 3: Omaha & Breakfast
27:09 Our Final Destination: Chicago!
29:28 Outro

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