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 Published On Jun 11, 2022

Well then.

I think it might be quite fitting to take a good look at Sunny's description. let's go over it shall we?
Sunny's Description: "If you miss the old skeppy, you're probably not alone."
This one hit too hard. RIP.

"Once a legendary YouTuber"
Quick question Sunny, at what point in time did I stop becoming such a "legendary" content creator for you? Would you pinpoint it for me? Achievements that built me up to have such a grand "Legendary" status... occurred at the same timeframe where many of the horrible topics you talked about did as well! Hm.

"pulling over 100,000,000 views putting him on par with Dream, Georgenotfound and TommyInnit, his Minecraft YT channel has since fallen to sometimes less than 10,000,000 views per month recently"

I didn't exactly go over this point in the video all too much bc I'm just dumbfounded how THE SunnyV2 manipulates data all too well! Honestly I think 10 million views a month recently for 1 or 2 videos a month is kinda solid. Also I'm impressed with the keywords mentioning Dream, George, and Tommy. I try to do this myself sometimes but ugh you're too good at it.
I don't believe George has had 100M+view months, why was this put in the desc?
Why & what is the relation of this comparison of George and Skeppy?
Or maybe it's just for whatever will tag & perform best? “What is the intent here?” This reminds me a little of how the entirety of your video & your story you've made out feels, a tad misleading to me. Maybe because I know the truth? But if I was a casual viewer, I would totally believe everything you've gone & said.

Overall, very very sneaky, and I think your tactics are actually very clever the more I looked into the "intent" you know, that one word you mentioned which happens to be very important.

p.s. no shots or anything toward George for what I mentioned above. I love george.
Was just saying that to provide contextttt (uuu like that one too right suneeyy)

"This video will cover the downfall of Skeppy, beginning with his rise alongside badboyhalo and a6d, before revealing his fall off and how these friendships eventually cost him his success. From fake videos, to Skeppy's bizarre Fiverr series, this is
Why Skeppy's Career Has Been Dying"

Yes Sunny. My overall YT views are so, so, low. Even though my averaged overall views per videos has increased over time, my downfall is so horrific, I just can't look.
It's clear that my friendship with A6D cost me the views to go a tumbling down.

Wait a minute, my 100 Million viewed month was after The Trio split up and all of that drama went down!? You know, like I said this topic happens to mean a lot to me and I'm quite sensitive about it I must admit. Also, have you never read my channel description before? I thought you were a real fan. It states many of my videos are skits, and has for years. That's literally how I started YouTube. But SUNNY GO AHEAD AND PAINT THAT PICTURE WOO

But what the heck is going on with your timeline?
You said "how these friendships eventually cost him his success"
But? Wait? What?

Since obviously success can only equate to YT views...
It 100% WAS NOT the significant change of upload frequency that's caused my channel to get less views, it was just my STUPID friendship with A6D- where we fought, that's caused the VIEWS to FALL. Therefore I am no longer a legend, and I've taken such a big fall.
Everyone come on and see why!
Pure. Genius.

And why did you say "these" friendships? A6D is just one person? o-o
Why are you making it seem like- o-o That's another good one Sunny

"Thank you guys for watching, like and sub if you enjoyed, SunnyV2 XO ❤"

Sunny's desc: "This video was inspired by Kiddy Kene's video on the topic titled "The Downfall of Skeppy: From Legend To Liar"

Yes. Kiddy Kene inspired you to create this video, with your ❤pure❤ intentions❤
I like Kiddy Kene's video. I watched it, feels genuine, I do think there's valid criticism.

sooo you went ahead, did some THONKING I am sure, struck gold with this...
^GREAT OPPORTUNITY^ to create... well... You know! Your masterpiece Sunny!
But we can't forget the creative twists your video added!

Isn't that exactly what happened, Sunny? Well, you said it yourself!

You've given me so much reason to believe you don't know anything about me. You don't know how said events unfolded the way they did in my life, why they happened, and how I grew as a person from certain things, AND you just straight up lie? There's some truth for you.

Why are you acting like you're a fan of me, and you know me? and have been a fan since forever?
ooo right. I remember now...
Dang u have some absolutely brilliant villainizing tactics, u gotta teach me sometime

Check out @Kiddy Kene

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