Snoop Dogg on Coaching, Family, Dr. Dre, Master P, Kobe Stories & Buying Death Row | The Pivot
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 Published On Premiered May 23, 2023

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“A toast to success and nothing less…here’s to a room full of Happy Dads”

Running with the big Dogg today, none other the Snoop D.O. double G! Taking a trip to see his special collection of cars and collectibles, we sat down for a timeless conversation spanning decades of ups and downs, success, memories and unforgettable stories.

A living legend and someone Ryan, Fred and Channing have always looked up to, first for his music but more so for his business endeavors and approach to life and being a family first man.

Talking about Pivots, sustainability and mental health, Snoop opens up about his own vulnerabilities and why it’s ok to ask for help and that there is no shame in talking to someone if you are struggling. Being at the top is hard to maintain but Snoop says it’s easy if you do right by people and just always remain you no matter what the majority says.

Sharing stories of Suge Knight to Master P to Dr. Dre, Snoop opens up about learning the game of life and the same values and lessons he tries to instill into young people today.

Of all the accomplishments and nicknames Snoop has had over the years, being called Coach is one that rings with so much love and pride as he explains to the guys that playing that key role for young men is one of the things that motivates him everyday. Talking about some of the top NFL players who started off in his youth programs gives him so much joy to see the mature men they’ve turned into.

Looking to expand his mark in sports, Snoop is in talks to purchase a NHL team and looks to make hockey a premiere sport by breaking barriers for more young black men to get into the game and equal the playing as well as elevate the fandom around the sport!

Revealing a special Kobe Memory, the lifelong Lakers Fan that Snoop is talks about a memorable moment he had with the late legend. Tap in now for a conversation covering decades of stories and memories.

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