The Insane Engineering behind The Lilium Jet
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 Published On Mar 04, 2022

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The Lilium Jet is a marvel of engineering. This eye-catching attractive Aircraft revealed in 2021, generated skepticism among aviation experts. At first glance, Lilium’s ambitious design seems impractical for a fully electric, seven-seat, vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The associated implications of the propulsion system selected appear to make such an evtol concept impossible, mainly given the thrust required for take-off.

In fact, more than 80% of the leading evtol companies are using conventional open propellers as the main propulsion system.

Lilium, instead, has developed a novel electric ducted jet engine that integrates smartly with the wings of the aircraft. The success of this powerful technology not only will allow Lilium to achieve all the performance objectives of the flight profile, but also could help the aviation industry in the transition to affordable emission-free intercity air travel.

In this video, I will go over the 3 key innovations that make this technology truly impressive and technically sound.

This is the Engineering behind The Lilium Jet.
00:00 First-principles approach to eVTOL design
03:48 Electric Ducted JET Engines
06:13 Distributed Electric Propulsion
09:12 Variable Area Nozzle
10:15 Sustainable Aviation

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