Can You ACTUALLY Farm 1,000,000 Cookies in 100 Days?
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 Published On Aug 4, 2023

Yeah Jaron starts drama with ACookieGod

also I didn't mention how CookieGod beat the entire game, just to get an elytra to FLY AROUND gathering hay bales... wtf


Where I get my music:
Music Used: (ES represents a song from epidemic sound)
"Strolling in Style" - Raymond Grouse ES
"Bozz" - William Benckert ES
"The Original High Riders" - Duke Herrington ES
"Dance to My Tune" - Marc Torch ES
"Mines" - Stardew Valley
"Sunshine Strut" - Mike Frankyn ES
"Reality" - AGST ES
"Fair N Square" - William Benckert ES
"Yellow Light" - Arthur Benson ES
"Kat on a Dart" - baegel ES
"Before We Meet" - Mike Franklyn ES
"Gossip Talk" - Arthur Benson ES
"How to Tango" - Arthur Benson ES
"Tiger Tracks" - Lexica ES
"Bubbles a la Carte" - baegel ES
"She Is Whimsical" - Arthur Benson ES
"Caribbean Arcade - Chrisitan Nanzell ES
"Little Did We Know" - Arthur Benson ES
"Crystalline Pathway" - William Benckert ES
"Dance to My Tune" - Marc Torch ES
"Virtual" - AGST ES

Ianxofour Farms Used:
"Day 1 Iron Farm"
"Practical Stacking Raid Farm (Emeralds)"
"Gold Farm"

If you're curious, I reached out to CookieGod before making this video, and he also gave me permission to roast him. Everything is done in jest, literally, this is a block game so nothing matters.
This is also a response to his "Can You Farm 1,000,000 Cookies in 100 Minecraft Days" video if you want to look that up
I Actually Got 1,000,000 Cookies in 100 Minecraft Days

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