Buying a roller
Andrew Camarata Andrew Camarata
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 Published On Jan 19, 2023

Buying a 1987 Galion VR84 vibratory roller:
0:00 into and move home.
3:20 Roll shale
5:30 roll some bluestone pieces into pothole.
6:54 2 years later working on electrical problem.
10:00 rolling over lawn mowers
15:20 Bring in garage to fix stuff, Dumpster Dave did more on his channel
24:05 Rolling rock
26:33 Replace skid steer track
29:35 Put out more shale, driveway maintenance, and rolling it
32:30 Loading on Daves truck to move to mountain property
35:00 Unload and start moving up hill, then getting it stuck
Getting it unstuck video:
Daves video fixing/moving it:

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