Our Trip to Tennessee - Bates Family "I love you day" 2023
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 Published On Premiered Mar 12, 2023

It’s always a fun time to join family to celebrate and spend time together at The Bate’s Family Annual “I love you days” celebration - This year was no exception!

Come and join us while we pack up and travel from Sunny Florida and make the trek back to Tennessee! Erin will share some tips and tricks with you about traveling with the little ones and ways we’ve learned to simplify how we pack up the family for long road trips (and keep the kids entertained).

Then, we invite you to join us for the fun and activities that we thoroughly enjoyed together with the family! The theme this year was “I’m on a top secret mission in search of love” filled with mysteries and the occasional spy. 😂

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for putting together such a wonderful event each year - We had so much fun! ❤️

Be Encouraged.

Chad and Erin

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