Harry Potter Actors Who Had Crushes On Set
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 Published On May 10, 2022

Does anyone have some love potion? Whether or not magic was involved, there was plenty of romance and secret crushing on the Harry Potter set. When a bunch of young people spend hours on end with each other, playing pretend and experiencing hormones at the same time - well it’s bound to get a bit spicy!
Daniel Radcliffe’s crush happened to be on a MUCH older woman in the cast - and he even confessed his love to her in quite a cheekily written note, given on their last day on set together. Emma Watson was a crush for many of the actors on set - including some who were almost sibling-like to her! The actress had her fair share of crushes as well. One that was pretty major - but that didn’t stop her from having eyes for another boy that would end up working on set and bringing a whole lot of handsome to the table.
When two actors are going to be kissing, feelings can often get into the mix - and in the case of Ron and Lavender - there were some definite feelings. As for Harry and Cho chang - well Katie Leung wasn’t opposed to kissing for multiple takes.
While he was playing the lead role and was the star of a franchise, Daniel Radcliffe could still be quite shy, so when he was caught in the middle of a practical joke on set while VERY close to a crush of his, he was understandably pretty bummed.
No matter what kind it was, there is no question, the Harry Potter set was FULL of love.

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00:13 The Older Woman
01:06 Sibling Love
01:49 Vampire Lover
02:33 Unfulfilled Loves
03:15 Not-So-Secret Crush
04:12 Lavender & Ron in Real Life
04:46 Crushed
05:14 A Very Good Kisser
05:57 Cast Lover
06:24 Bromance
06:49 Future Love
07:13 Work Crushes
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