The 6,000 Horsepower Plane that Nearly Killed Howard Hughes - The XF-11
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 Published On Jul 19, 2022

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- Incorrect pronunciation of Eglin AFB
- Clarification: When I make reference to "mixing it up" with other allied aircraft. I mean it as a hypothetical contest to determine which aircraft might maneuver better

My personal favorite WWII Aircraft will always be the P-38 Lightning. Yes, in the late war it may have been outclassed and a little too large to really mix it up like a Spitfire or a Bf 109, but there’s just something about a good twin-boom design that I seem to like.
That’s why when I discovered that Howard Hughes had tried to build a high-speed, overpowered, photo reconnaissance plane that could fly faster than a P-5. I knew it was time for a new video.
As most of you know, just about anyone in the airplane manufacturing business (and some that should have probably stayed out) was trying to get a piece of that sweet, sweet, Uncle Sam money and get orders with either the Navy or the Air Corps throughout WWII. And, unsurprisingly, the story of the XF-11 starts with Howard Hughes trying to get a piece of that pie

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