Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on Cryptocurrency and the Future of Decentralization
Garry Tan Garry Tan
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 Published On May 19, 2021

Today we sit down the Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong. Brian started Coinbase in 2012 when bitcoin was $2 and almost no one knew what it was, let alone believed in it. Today, it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA that just went public at a nearly $100B market cap.

0:00 Intro
2:18 How Brian got discovered Bitcoin
9:45 How Coinbase grew from idea to reality
11:58 What the early days of bitcoin were like
15:31 How Brian got into tech
18:57 Democratizing information and money
21:15 The three ages of crypto
24:42 How Blockchain will change science and research
32:18 Decentralization in a centralized world
42:11 The IPO is 1% of the Coinbase journey

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Produced by Chris Hall
Filmed by Michael Bliss & Oliver Covrett

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