World's Fastest Street Legal Car 🛞💨 300mph+ | The BADD GT®

 Published On Dec 20, 2022

Be a part of HISTORY! Snag a piece of the limited edition '310.8mph' collection ➡️

This video is coming at you FAST! Buckle up... GMG & @JohnnyBohmerProvingGroundsSLF are looking to make history. Get ready to see the undisputed FASTEST street car on the planet!

🏎 2006 Ford GT - fully street legal w/ functioning AC, electric windows, stereo, passenger seat, turn signals, etc. Tagged, titled, and with the stock block, not only does the BADD GT run on E-85 but Johnny Bohmer regularly takes his kids to school and runs errands in it!

Get all the details on this epic feat ➡️

Check out Johnny Bohmer and the BADD GT® ➡️ @JohnnyBohmerProvingGroundsSLF

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