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 Published On Aug 11, 2022

Gather 'round the fire with some delicious cups of hot brown as I tell you the story of American hot brown.

The Engineer Guy's video on the coffee maker's Bubble Pump
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My percolator video
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The infamous Kettle video (which I have a feeling inspired the even more infamous New York Times article...)
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00:00 Intro
01:05 Kettles are Confusing
02:20 Why kettles don't make our coffee
04:51 Introducing Mr. Coffee
08:12 Exploring a vintage Mr. Coffee machine
10:57 Brewing Temperature and Control
16:19 Modern design and theory of operation
21:25 Speed comparison and taste test
23:20 Coffee Saver feature test
26:37 The cost-saving hot plate
28:59 These things are stinkin' cheap
30:21 Coffee Pragmatism
31:21 Some advice for cheap drip brewers
32:08 More Pragmatism and the Flavor to Effort Ratio
33:23 The drip brewer's reliability weakness
34:27 Conclusion
35:22 Bloopers

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