HW News - Intel Ray Tracing Problems, EK's "Not A Sham" Water Blocks, Steam Deck Booming
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 Published On Jul 30, 2022

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Hardware news this week talks about Intel's accidental destruction of its Linux-based ray tracing performance (but they fixed it with a line of code), the Raptor Lake (13th Gen) rumors, RTX 4090 performance discussion, and the Steam Deck booming with over 4000 titles added. We also cover Windows 12 plans, EK's gold-plated blocks, and more.

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Sources & show notes: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3690-hw-news-intel-ray-tracing-ek-gold-blocks-steam-deck

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00:00 - Recapping the Week
01:27 - GN Publishing Plans
03:25 - Intel Driver Reduces Ray Tracing Performance to 1%
06:38 - Rumor: RTX 4090 3DMark Performance
08:24 - Rumor: Raptor Lake Launch Date
11:57 - Leak: Raptor Lake Geekbench Scores
13:48 - EK Launches Gold-Plated Not-Sham
17:22 - Leak: Potential Ryzen 7 7600X Spotted
18:40 - AIDA64 Adds Zen 4 & RTX 4090
19:34 - Over 4000 Steam Deck Titles
20:40 - Windows 12 Coming in 2024
22:08 - FCC Chair Pushes Minimum Internet Speeds

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