I Built an EVERY Colour Biome in Minecraft Hardcore!
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 Published On Nov 18, 2023

I Built a Biome with EVERY COLOUR in Hardcore Minecraft!!
I then used it to play a camoflauge game of hide and seek with my friends for $1000!!

Watch the bonus games of Hide and seek here @LockDownClips

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This is one of my favourite builds I've ever done in my Minecraft Hardcore world and it looks so cool with every colour in minecraft included!

Shoutout to my friends for playing!
@GamerZyt @Guilf

✳️ Watch from the start! ✳️



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This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by aCookieGod, Sandiction and Wadzee. This Minecraft Hardcore series is full of Minecraft challenges and sometimes I will make a Hardcore Minecraft Full Movie. This is similar to 100 days but better 😎

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