The Donkey Kong Renaissance (Smash Documentary)
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 Published On Premiered Mar 6, 2023

In the mid-2010s, Donkey Kong was seen as a mediocre character in the competitive landscape of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Now, multiple Kongs are threatening the game's highest level players. Will 2023 be the year of the ape, or is Donkey Kong just a load of hogwash?

I reached out to some of the world's finest Melee DK's to learn just why, of all times, the DK era is happening right now in 2023. This is what I learned.

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This video was a 2+ month project initially meant to be a lighter reprieve from my previous video. Then, the Donkey Kong players started going on deep tournament runs, and soon I found myself awash in the surprisingly deep world of Melee Donkey Kong.

Want to learn how to go nuts as DK or other Melee characters? Check out!


Big thanks to da, akir, Ringler, Moe, Azzu, Quang, an anonymous dk informant, MojoMonkey, Xatudrip, @arJunebugSmash , Edwin Budding (@MeleeStats ) , @ssbMekk and the countless other members of the Melee community who made this project a feasible reality. da especially, who was practically a script supervisor for times with this piece.


0:00 The Spectre of Kongmunism
03:00 20DK
7:43 The Reclusive Ringler
12:06 The Nectar of the Godslayer
18:22 Akir's Ascent
21:16 The Kong Commitment
26:53 Meet Moe!
31:19 project_silverback
34:29 The Ape Anomaly
38:52 Genesis Kumquat Cylinder
46:25 The MDVA Massacre
53:49 Junebug's Run
1:13:23 Donkey Kong Good
1:20:00 New Rivalry
1:24:27 Donkey Kong is here for us

errors in this video:
i called dk melee's only great ape, this is untrue as all humans are apparently great apes
i said that DK's chaingrab on Falco was not true, but in fact it is kind of true in some complicated ways I don't feel like clarifying.

Music featured in this video (in order, possibly incomplete):
Theme, Donkey Kong Country
Jungle Japes, Donkey Kong Country
Death Wind, F-Zero, Jazz Arrangement
staff roll, mario vs dk,
end of quarter, nba jam
ringler section
voices of the temple, donkey kong country
k.k. western (aircheck), animal crossing
Prof Oak's Check, Pokemon Snap
k.k. western, animal crossing
habanera, donkey konga 2
akir section
gang-plank galleon, dkc
triple troubles, dkc tropical freeze
dk island swing (jazz) , smash 4
tusk boss intro, donkey kong jungle beat
dread kong phase 1, jungle beat
eight melodies (mother), famicom music: best selection
savannah symphony, tropical freeze
across the pond
jib jig, dkc 2
before battle, racing lagoon (psx)
system options, melty blood type lumina
bay lagoon racing, racing lagoon
opening 2, racing lagoon
shotgun kiss, smash brawl
2nd quarter - nba jam (arcade)
tunnel, hey arnold (gba)
swamp stage, mvc 2
in broad daylight - chibi robo
team select - nba jam
fever, dr. mario, ssbm
simian segue, dkc
ice cave chant, dkc
i dont remember the polish fight song so ill put that in later lmao
investigation, phoenix wright ace attorney
vs mirror b, pokemon xd
donkey kong w - wusstunes
credits concerto -dkc
ending section
dk rap (instrumental)
troff 'n scoff - dk64
gerudo valley, zelda ocarina of time
break the targets, ssbm
a short track from bayonetta i dont remember which
donkey kong freed, dkc 2

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