Does Anyone Really Care if Scotland Leaves the UK?
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 Published On Nov 24, 2022

Scottish independence has been on the table long before the UK decided to leave the European Union. And since then things have only gotten worse! Can Scotland leave the United Kingdom & what would that look like?

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Editors: Vivek Manoharan & Andy Burgess
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Time Stamps:

0:00 - The United Kingdom is in a state of chaos!
1:20 - The Union of Great Britain
2:23 - WTF is devolution?
3:01 - The rise of Scottish independence
3:50 - The Scottish devolution referendum of 1979
4:38 - Is Scotland being suppressed by Westminster?
5:05 - The Scottish devolution referendum of 1997
5:49 - The SNP's push Scottish independence
7:00 - Brexit (in 30 seconds)
7:33 - The aftermath...
9:00 - What happens if Scotland leaves the UK?
11:46 - Is there a clear path to Scottish independence?

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