Descendants Secret Siblings Who Could Finally Appear In D4
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 Published On Aug 23, 2020

Descendants 4 May Be Full Of New Villain Kids. Will Mal's Brother Make His First Appearance?

Don’t you just love learning more shocking truths about the Disney “Descendants” characters? Like the VKs’ and AKs’ secret siblings. Yep, there are even more family revelations to come. The three movies left out some family members that appear in the “Descendants” universe, so in this video we’re revealing all of the brothers and sisters that we’d like to see make an appearance in “Descendants 4”. These are the siblings that feature in the “Descendants: Wicked World” animated series, in the “School of Secrets” online series, and in Melissa de la Cruz’s novels. There are lots of hidden family connections that you’ll love learning about.

Now that we know that Mal’s dad is Hades, we definitely want to find out more about Mal’s brother Hadie. Surely he’ll have blue hair just like his father and big sis. As for Evie’s sister, find out why the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And we really want the “Wicked World” antagonist CJ Hook to show up and start bothering her brother Harry Hook — he’s got another sister too, so that’s a trio of pirate fun. There’s also Freddie Facilier from the animated show, and we’ve got just the perfect person lined up to play Celia’s sis. Hit that play button to learn all about the Sea Witches, the boys named after their fathers (Gaston Jr and Li Shang Jr), and Squeaky and Squirmy’s secret sibling. While you’re here, subscribe to TheThings to keep up with the latest “Descendants” rumors and theories. Thanks for watching!

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