Dua Shifa Cure For All Diseases,Sickness And Illness ᴴᴰ - Supplication For Healing Health
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 Published On Nov 12, 2016

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Dua Shifa ᴴᴰ - Dua Cure For All Diseases,Sickness And Illness - Supplication For Healing Health by Saad Al Qureshi

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Dua Cure For All Diseases/Sickness And Illness - Supplication For Healing By Saad Al Qureshi
healing,cure and healing for every disease
Dua Shifa For Cure Of Health and Black Magic Evil Eye Nazr Jinx
Dua Cure For All Diseases/Sickness And IllnessDua Cure For All Diseases/Sickness And Illness بیماری سے شفا حاصل کرنے کی دعا - Supplication For Healing By Saad Al Qureshi

For the cure of any illness !
Hazrat Ayesha (R.A.) stated that when anyone among them had an illness, Prophet Mohammad (SAW.) used to rub the area of the pain reciting This Dua.

"O Lord of the people, remove this pain and cure it, You are the one who cures and there is no one besides You who can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains". * (Bukhari, Muslim) *

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The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) used to say, “O Allah take away the hardship, O Lord of mankind, give shifa, You are the One who cures, there is no cure except Your shifa, a cure that will not leave any sickness. (Allahumma adhibil ba’sa Rabb an-naas Ishfi antash-shaafii la shifa’aa illa shifa-uka shifa-an la yughadiru saqaman).”

أَذْهِبِ الْبَأْسَ رَبَّ النَّاسِ وَاشْفِ أَنْتَ الشَّافِي لَا شِفَاءَ إِلَّا شِفَاؤُكَ شِفَاءٌ لَا يُغَادِرُ سَقَمَاً

It would also be recommended to rub the area with one’s right hand — whether the sick person is oneself, or another. [Nawawi, Sharh Sahih Muslim]

Strive to supplicate with one’s own words too, remembering that you will be answered, and realizing the words of Allah “Believers, be patient; outdo others in patience; remain resolute; and be mindful of Allah, in order that you may succeed.” [Qur’an, 3.200]

listen to this as much as possible from relief of illnesses of this world,
listen to at time of fajr (dawn) and maghrib (sunset/dusk)
have beleif of the creater.
whilist listening pls try to make notes how you feel. emotionally and physically

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