Rick Vs Yugi (FULL DUEL) In Rick & Morty YuGiOh
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 Published On Mar 13, 2023

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Rick Sanchez is dueling Yami Yugi in a battle for the millennium Puzzle. Rick from rick and morty has travelled to the yugioh universe to duel the pharaoh. He has pickle rick and gromflomite in his deck as well as the winged dragon of ra. Yugi has the dark magician, dark magician girl and slifer the sky dragon in his deck.

Rick is on a pre rick and morty season 7 quest and he needs the millennium puzzle to find the location of Rick Prime. The millennium puzzle has the ability to open gateways to other realms. One well known is the shadow realm. Rick believes the puzzle the puzzle can also open gateways to other astral planes.

Kaiba tried to harness it to try and bring the pharaoh back from the spirit dimension (seen in yu-gi-oh dark side of dimensions). Rick believes that Rick Prime is moving in higher dimensions that his portal fluid alone cannot access. So he wants to create new astral portal fluid with the millennium puzzle.

In this duel we witness the battle of the Egyptian gods - Slifer the sky dragon vs the winged dragon ra.

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