The man who tried to fake an element
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 Published On Oct 21, 2022

This is the race for the periodic table.

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Further reading:
“Superheavy” by Kit Chapman. A decade by decade history of the labs who raced to fill out the periodic table. Excellent introductory text.
“The Transuranium People” by Glenn Seaborg, Al Ghiorso and Darleane Hoffman. An insider account of the element race.
“When Science Goes Wrong: Twelve Tales from the Dark Side of Discovery” by Simon Levay. Chapter 12 is dedicated to the Ninov scandal and has some interesting (and antagonistic) interviews with Ninov himself after the scandal.
“The Disappearing Spoon” by Sam Kean. One chapter very briefly touches on the Ninov scandal.
“Committee on the Formal Investigation of Alleged Scientific Misconduct by LBNL Staff Scientist Dr. Victor Ninov”. The Berkeley report on the fraud.
"Observation of Superheavy Nuclei Produced in the Reaction of 86 Kr with 208 Pb", the retracted Ninov paper in Physical Review Letters.
Nucleide chart dataset:

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