The TRUTH About Gabbie Hanna & “Escape The Night”
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 Published On Jun 29, 2021

This is a video about the truth. If you are looking for an apology, it's never going to happen. This is not about exposing or cancelling anyone, it's about debunking the lies and manipulation created by Gabbie Hanna and her series which has put a target on the back of my incredible cast and crew of Escape The Night. This video is for the people who were verbally abused and disrespected on set but are not able to stand up for themselves. Thank you for watching. The facts are here, the evidence to support and debunk her lies are here, take them as you will. I will not be addressing this topic again and I hope Gabbie is able to seek the professional help she needs to live a happy and successful life and to truly apologize and take full responsibility for her actions and the pain she has cause people. xoxo Daniel
✔️ For the record, I have not had any contact with Gabbie Hanna since December 2019 where I explained my reasoning for not inviting her to our annual Christmas party and had apologized if she felt upset.

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