Gabriel Jesus? He WANTS to be back NEXT WEEK! | Mikel Arteta | Manchester City v Arsenal
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 Published On Jan 25, 2023


00:00 - Intro.

00:22 - Full strength on Friday?: No more injuries. Big bench, big test for us and looking forward to it!

00:58 - Leandro Trossard: I like that he wants to make things happen. Straight away he made an impact.

01:34 - Jakub Kiwior cover: We’ve been with only 3 centre backs for the first half of the season. Jakub helps us with that.

02:18 - Pep relationship changed now you’re competing?: I was hoping that would be the case one day but it’s this season! We are both willing to win.

02:55 - Two most influential players in the Premier League Norwegian?: Odegaard and Haaland are two players in top form. They are both important for the squads.

03:16 - Nketiah for England?: Eddie has been very consistent and surprised many people. We are positive he can get better.

04:04 - Undue focus on yourself?: I focus on things that I can do better. I try to find the right balance but I love this game.

04:46 - Psychological advantage after Friday if you win?: Both games will be extremely different. Winning on Friday will give us more momentum.

05:36 - What have you done to change the mentality?: key word is belief. The atmosphere we’ve created, especially at 1-0 down on Sunday you could believe we could win the game.

06:24 - Most united the club has been since you’ve been here?: I wouldn’t like to compare previous moments but we are feeling the end why

06:47 - Zinchenko performance: He gives us everything and that versatility. The mentallity he’s brought has been a really desire because of his previous experiences.

07:31 - Do the three games against City define your season?: Winning on Friday means we go through to the next round.

08:00 - Further ahead as planned?: I don’t know but this league brings you incredible challenges. You the best players and coaches. We understand we haven’t done anything yet.

08:33 - Elneny available?: No, I don’t think he will be.

08:45 - Out for the season?: There are concerns because he never complains.

09:00 - Enough cover in midfield?: We need more cover but the most important thing is the performances.

09:32 - Special to be against Pep?: I would prefer someone else! I wish him the best. It’s a strange feeling.

10:00 - Pep reaction to the summer signings of Jesus and Zinchenko?: It was done respectfully, a three party decision.

10:29 - Everton situation?: I’m very attached to them and hope they get things moving.

11:00 - Jesus being back in 4/5 weeks: He wants to be back next week but I don’t know. We’re hoping he’s back in weeks, not months! He’s pushing everyone to the limits.

11:30 - Jesus impact on squad: He’s been incredible. He’s always giving advice. He’s been terrific.

12:13 - Having this many points already inspired you?: What we are doing is giving us enthusiasm. There’s still a lot of chapters to be written. We cannot control the expectations.


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