Philip J Fry: A Man Made of Time
Bennett Bennett
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 Published On Jan 27, 2024

Neither Fry, nor Futurama, could exist without time travel. In fact, there are eleven episodes that feature the trope in some fashion. This video is going to dive deep into each one of those episodes to try to get to the bottom of what Fry really is.

SPOILERS: Disenchantment Season 5

DISCLAIMER: All footage is owned by its respective rights holder and is being used under the Copyright Act section 107 Fair Use. I do not own any of the source footage.

Written, Voiced and Edited by Bennett

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My Piano is Mellow - Daniel Fridel
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Early Hours - Color of Illusion
We Began as Wanderers - Cherry the Penguin
Grainy Days - Dusty Decks
The Nckbrker - Matt Large

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