It's Kirby Time, Read-Along #4: Together with Kirby
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 Published On Nov 2, 2022

We are proud to present a video readalong from the It's Kirby Time picture book series, a set of heartwarming tales to brighten your day. There will be seven read-alongs in total, so please look forward to the future releases.

This tale is a fun yet bittersweet story about the cherished days Kirby spent with an unusual friend. Perhaps it will remind you of someone who is always there to support you. Someone who stands by your side, no matter where you go or what others may say. This story, brimming with gentle kindness, is for all such invaluable friends.

A narration of the English localization of It's Kirby Time: Together with Kirby (Book 7), published by Shogakukan.
Art by Karameru
Written by Asami Taniguchi

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